March 3, 2020 Phyllis Rowe of Massachusetts

Phyllis Rowe is 34 years old and a Massachusetts resident. Phyllis Spent most her child hood outside camping, fishing, and gardening-she continues to enjoy these activities, while expanding to new adventures in the outdoors. Phyllis become a CNA at age 18, after caring for her sick grandmother she wanted to go into a field to help others. Phyllis Homeschooled her daughter, Heaven, for 2 years introducing her to teaching and connecting her to community programs. Phyllis has participated in Relay for life with her daughter since 2010, in honor of her grandmother. Her experience in the Relay put her on a course to further help others, by establishing the Liberty Tax/Relay for life donation promotion in 2012. This provided taxpayers a means to support their favorite Relay team. Phyllis began hunting in 2017 with her fiancé. She soon noticed a need for women to have a safe place to post their outdoor adventures and connect with other woman sharing their passion. She Created a facebook group “Women of the Outdoors”, which has inspired many to create their own outdoor adventure, encouraged them to share without judgment, and enabled woman less experienced ask questions in a comfortable environment. The group of women’s struggles as well as her own, inspired Phyllis to start up a nonprofit organization to empower women and help them to prosper in the outdoors. She strives to educate women and youth about safe outdoor recreation as well as the importance of caring for our environment. Phyllis looks to motivate women & youth to become active outdoors, which in turn will enable them to become successful in other areas of their life. Women of the Outdoors, which is based out of Massachusetts and has roots nationwide- is a non-profit organization that motivates, educates and empowers women and young adults in leadership, responsibility, and compassion for others through the value of outdoor recreation. With the emergence of generations born with electronics and technology in hand, many women and children are deprived of knowing what engagement in outdoor activities can do for them. Women of the Outdoors hosts motivational seminars, charitable events, educational programs and assists in providing equipment to those involved in our events who may be financially struggling. Women of the Outdoors feels strongly that everyone can benefit from the experiences and knowledge obtained through outdoor adventures and excursions, and strives to furnish the opportunities for everyone to do so, regardless of their economic capability. We cover a variety of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, survival skills, archery, and outdoor crafts. Events will vary by state, due to presence and need of said activity.