Fishing With Caroline!

Please click on the link below and listen to ten year old caroline and her family talk about her love for fishing and her dream to get other young ladies involved. You will truly be inspired.


Please be so inclined as to share her page and subscribe to her you tube channel so Caroline can pay it forward by getting more young ladies involved in fishing!  if you are interested in being a sponsor for Caroline please send a message via her Girls Can Fish Page.

Remember she is only ten but already well versed in so many areas of fishing.

Her logo on her fishing jerseys came from her passion for fishing her favorite species which is Redfish.

 Now featured with Gulf Coast Sports Women and
Caroline’s potential to take her passion of fishing to the next level is at her fingertips.
Caroline has her own personal page on SisterHood Fishing created by Wanda Stewart.
A network to link lady anglers together on one network, whether you are a newbie, just love to fish, or pro you can have your own page in the network to showcase your passion for fishing and we are always looking for sponsors.
All of us at RodnReelGirls ( welcomes you Caroline! Hope to see you on the water.
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Look at those big toothy smiles!!!!!

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Blue Water Girl Charters Oct 29, 2020 11:27

October 29, 2020
Livin’ Life on the Rocks... with a little salt. #islandlife 🏝⚓️🛥🎣🍹


ALL women who are looking to find their niche in the fishing industry should listen to what Capt Deb has to say about how she found hers! An enlightening and fun conversation with a lady angler I greatly admire!





Deb started fishing in the Florida Keys at the young age of 5 with her parents during summer vacations until she graduated from college. She always had the dream of being a fishing guide in the keys. She fished freshwater at the lakes near her home in Catfish, NC and fished saltwater when she could but after 15 years as a nurse in North Carolina, one day she left to follow her dream of fishing and moved boldly to the Keys on her hopes and dreams of fishing full-time. Determined to follow her dreams, she started slinging bait to feed the tarpon at Robbies in Islamorada and fending off pelicans for a few weeks, then landed a spot in the famous Bud N Mary's Marina, where her first job was towing houseboats from Key Largo, then was offered a full time position in the Tackle Shop where she began to study the history of sportfishing and dive deep in the history of Islamorada fishing. She started fishing with legendary fly fishing guide and mentor, Richard Stanzcyk, who showed her the true meaning of sportfishing for fish that roam the flats, mostly bonefish. Bud N Marys is more than just a marina it is a school, where people that show the real true dedication and passion for the sport go to learn from the best, it's called Bud N Mary's University! Deb was "enrolled" in BnMU for three years and earned her captain's license in Nov 2019. Capt Deb started her own charter business, Blue Water Girl Charters out of the Upper Keys in June 2020. You can find Capt Deb on the flats hunting or in the backcountry or even sight-fishing sailfish on the reef. Capt Deb has a technical flats skiff 16' Chaos Boatwork Bonefish and also runs a 32' Gamefisherman Sportfish named "Gypsy Girl"

USCG Captain / Adventurer at 

Blue Water Girl Charters
Worked at 

Bud N' Mary's Marina
Lives in 

Key Largo, Florida

Catfish, North Carolina

Terrie Huffmaster Pro Staff Saltaholics –Texas Rattlers–

July 10, 2020

My name is Terrie B Huffmaster, I’m from Quitman Ga. married for 26 years, have 2 sons. 21 and 25 I’ve Fished fresh and salt water my whole life. But my passion is Saltwater fishing! I simply love to fish, and the bonus is in the memories of the pics taken of the fish I catch!

I love to share my fish photos! Mostly in hopes to pull more young girls and women into the sport. And I’m proud of everything I catch. Every catch has a great memory and none are discounted! I fish the big bend areas in Florida. We only live 10 mins from the Florida state line in three different directions. But its only 1 to 1 1/2 hour depending which area we fish. I fish Mostly inland for trout, reds and flounder!

And scout Cobia and triple tails when they’re moving through the area. I Have fished offshore some for Grouper and Amber Jacks. Sharing my fishing adventures through social media and fishing magazines has been a honor for me! One I don’t take lightly because it is a chance to draw other women into the sport! I’ve been featured in Florida’s Woods ‘n Water magazine 29 times and made the cover photo 2 times! Im the covergirl face for the “women’s village” I’m also on three different covers of their books.


These books teach the basic fundamentals to new anglers just coming in the sport. Also in the 2020 villages calendar 2x. As well as a Moderator and Educator for WomenFishing I Pro staff for

Saltaholics apparel Saltaholics apparel a group that supports Lady Anglers as well.

I Pro staff for Rex for  Texas Rattler Amazing jigs and lures I’m a administrator and or moderator with 4 other fishing groups as well. Even though I have experience in promoting sport fishing, my passion is in sharing my love for being on the water and the peace and solidarity it brings into my life! To be able to share the emotional attachment is where I have set my goals on this journey! I welcome all ladies who have a passion for pursuing their outdoor interests to join me and share their adventures as well!


Image may contain: outdoor and water, text that says 'WOODS 'N WATER APRIL 2020 42ND YEAR9TH Spring Fishing $299 Has Sprung! Fishing Tips & Reports GAG GROUPER Opens in the Big Bend Gobbler Floppin' Get Your Late Season Bird Tide Tables & Feeding Times WOODSNWATER.NET Hunt Clubs and Real Estate Listings'


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A Tuna Fishing Duo , Saving Lives!

March 17, 2020

Thanks to Lori Heath and Robert Tressler for being a guest on RodnReelGirls Podcast today! This was an exceptional podcast and quite an honor for me! I have followed Lori on social media for quite some time as she has done the same for me!

Both her and Robert spend quite a bit of time reeling in some pretty big tuna near their California home! They are both avid anglers.

Lori Heath is an inspiration to me as we all know fishing for tuna is no easy task. I certainly look forward to spending a day or so with Lori in her home state of California reeling in a bucket list fish, as well as hosting her and Robert on a fishing trip in his native home for specks and reds.

Fishing light tackle for Lori will be a breeze.

The real exception to this podcast is the fact Robert Tressler is Vice President of the San Diego Blood Bank and they are in dire need of blood donations! Please listen to the podcast and understand how fishing is a universal language and bonds so many of us together in a time of need! Whether you are in California or Louisiana, your local blood bank needs your help!

Click on the link below and see how safe it is to donate blood and how desperately your help is needed!

Since Robert is a native of Louisiana  we have a plan in the works to get Lori down South to fish with some light tackle once we persevere through this crisis! 3636 Gateway Center Ave Unit 100 San Diego, CA 92102 United States 1-619-400-8251

Dana Kay Sacia, From Wisconsin, Huntress on a mission!

March 6, 2020

Dana Kay Sacia, From Wisconsin, Huntress on a mission to motivate and inspire. Passion = Possibilities. All starts with I will TRY!

Dana is an avid hunter, works a full time job and is a single Mom who has an entrepreneurial heart set on a path to share her heartfelt passion for hunting and sharing with others on how to find their niche in the outdoor world.

Dana has created a dating site for those who are looking for some one to share those fishing trips and hunting adventures with, friends first, but who knows? Listen to the podcast and check out the website. Follow Dana on Facebook and Instagram as well.

Dana Kay Sacia


Nina Garrett who originates from Sweden and resides in Texas, a full time, teacher, mom, wife, and awesome angler!

March 5, 2020

Nina shares her story of her passion for sport fishing, her work with veterans on some awesome fishing adventures and coaching young kids on how to fish! Take a listen down load and share to support what Nina and so many other like minded female anglers are accomplishing in the fishing industry! Nina states in short my goal is to “give back” and share what I know. Whether it’s kids, female anglers or veterans or any beginners. The teaching aspect is what fulfills me and gives me the most joy!🥰🎣


Saltaholics Apparel

Phyllis Rowe of Massachusetts

March 3, 2020

Phyllis Rowe is 34 years old and a Massachusetts resident. Phyllis Spent most her child hood outside camping, fishing, and gardening-she continues to enjoy these activities, while expanding to new adventures in the outdoors. Phyllis become a CNA at age 18, after caring for her sick grandmother she wanted to go into a field to help others. Phyllis Homeschooled her daughter, Heaven, for 2 years introducing her to teaching and connecting her to community programs. Phyllis has participated in Relay for life with her daughter since 2010, in honor of her grandmother. Her experience in the Relay put her on a course to further help others, by establishing the Liberty Tax/Relay for life donation promotion in 2012. This provided taxpayers a means to support their favorite Relay team. Phyllis began hunting in 2017 with her fiancé. She soon noticed a need for women to have a safe place to post their outdoor adventures and connect with other woman sharing their passion. She Created a facebook group “Women of the Outdoors”, which has inspired many to create their own outdoor adventure, encouraged them to share without judgment, and enabled woman less experienced ask questions in a comfortable environment. The group of women’s struggles as well as her own, inspired Phyllis to start up a nonprofit organization to empower women and help them to prosper in the outdoors. She strives to educate women and youth about safe outdoor recreation as well as the importance of caring for our environment. Phyllis looks to motivate women & youth to become active outdoors, which in turn will enable them to become successful in other areas of their life.

Women of the Outdoors, which is based out of Massachusetts and has roots nationwide- is a non-profit organization that motivates, educates and empowers women and young adults in leadership, responsibility, and compassion for others through the value of outdoor recreation. With the emergence of generations born with electronics and technology in hand, many women and children are deprived of knowing what engagement in outdoor activities can do for them.

Women of the Outdoors hosts motivational seminars, charitable events, educational programs and assists in providing equipment to those involved in our events who may be financially struggling. Women of the Outdoors feels strongly that everyone can benefit from the experiences and knowledge obtained through outdoor adventures and excursions, and strives to furnish the opportunities for everyone to do so, regardless of their economic capability.

We cover a variety of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, survival skills, archery, and outdoor crafts. Events will vary by state, due to presence and need of said activity.

Wendy Loo of Women’s Bass Tour Tri State Federation

February 26, 2020

The Women's Bass Tour are a group of DIVERSE women from all different walks of life. Bonded together by the sport of bass fishing.

Feb 16, 2020 19:28

February 20, 2020

Nurse Captain Avid Angler, FIN- Addict, OutCast-hers SportFishing Team, #OCSF, Huntress Owner and Founder at Outcast-hers Sportfishing team

Listen to the podcast and hear why this wonderful lady is so passionate about The Sport of Fishing!

2020 Caroyln Stash of Atlas Trax Florida

February 12, 2020

Thanks to Carolyn Stash for joining in on Let’s talk fishing ( She gives us a great view on women fishing, how she is involved and the role that sport fishing plays in her life! Listen in and be inspired!

Happy 4th of July from the Atlastrax Ladies Fishing team. We are breast cancer survivors and fish tournaments on donated boats and spread our stories with those that need our help and support as they go through this journey.

AtlasTrax Star brite Solutions Morita Custom Gaffs Mermaid Vodka Sea Vee Boats Reel Captivating Got Rum Gear/GRG Star Tron Fuel Treatment Ocean-Tamer Marine Bean Bags

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